18 Things I Learned.

1. Everything changes. Nothing is permanent. What you think is important now, will be boring the hell out of you this time next year.

2. This emptiness inside of you is part of your existence. Sometimes it feels like you’re drowning, other times it’s like everything is okay and you are happy. But the emptiness is always here. With you. Accept it and it will be much easier to live your life.

3. If you think it is bad, believe me, it can get worse. There’re highs and there’re lows and it’s okay. You need to fall to learn how to get up.

4. Do not expect anything. It’s one of the most important things. The less you expect the less disappointed you feel.

5. That best friend you think is the most important person right now will be a stranger you awkwardly smile at in a few years.

6. “The love of your life” is never the love of your life. You can live without them. You can survive without them. Stop thinking you’re in love. You’re not.

7. Learn to let go. Simply as that.

8. Don’t trust your heart. Trust your instincts. They don’t have feelings. Their judgement is not clouded.

9. Accept the fact that humans are all the same. We are all sick. We are all depressed. We all have problems. We go through exactly the same things, just at different times and different levels.

10. The monsters in your head are just there. In your head. No one knows about them. And that is your power. Just make sure to keep them on the leash.

11. If you want to do something, do it. The only thing that stops you is your limited imagination.

12. Don’t try too hard. There will always be someone better than you.

13. Always carry your mask in the back pocket. Even better, always wear it. Protect yourself. Whatever pain or emotions you feel are better left hidden. Most people don’t understand what you’re feeling or just pretend not to understand.

14. Listen to your parents. They have lived longer than you, they know more. You should listen to their advice, but don’t forget that you are not your parents. You have the right to have your own opinion, to do what you want, to be your own person. Use your parents to learn from mistakes they made and don’t repeat them.

15. Find a way of expressing and being yourself. Doesn’t matter what. Reading or writing, singing or listening to music, drawing or visiting art galleries.

16. Being materialist is not as bad as they say it is. A new shiny toy won’t break your heart.

17. We are never born to change the world. We’re born to survive it or lose the game.

18. Just because you are breathing, it doesn’t mean you are alive, and sometimes to feel alive you need to be alone. And you need to understand that to some people sometimes is always.tumblr_nfpn4hyu7S1rcf4rko1_500


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