2 am thoughts

“It’s 1:40 am and you’re trying to wipe tears of your face from reading old text messages from when you first met. You peek to see if he’s online because you want to send that long message you saved in your drafts to let him know you miss him. Your heart is aching from flashing memories of all the favorite dates you had. This is it. This is when reality hits you the most. You’re in denial but you know you have to swallow the truth anyway. This is when you need to stop. Get up. Walk to the bathroom and dunk your face into water. At this moment, you just washed not only the sorrows from your eyes but the heartache you felt after months of being mistreated. Where did he go? Where was he when you went to bed crying from a broken heart? Realization flows into your body like a streaming river of regret. All those nights of you feeling like a ticking bomb waiting to explode because you overthink on the “what ifs” and “whys”. You are done picking up pieces of your heart that he shattered every single time you make a mistake.” —Zee Zaki, How To Know When It Is Finally Time To Let Go


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